(All below dives are for certified divers only, please see course page for dive experiences)

Escorted Shore dive with full equipment.
After you have been into the shop to fill in the required paperwork, we will arrange a date and time to meet you at one of the bays on the North East coast. A PADI Pro dive guide will then brief you on local marine life and take you for a dive up to 12m, the session usually takes around 1-1.5hrs in total. (Max of 2 persons unless otherwise requested)
Drysuit use add £10. (qualification or experience needed)
£40 per dive
Escorted Shore dives with Cylinder and weights only.
As above but you will provide your own dive equipment apart from Cylinders and weights.
£30 per dive
Escorted Shore dive with all own equipment.
We provide the PADI Pro to guide you on a tour of one of the N/E coast bays.

£25 per dive
Escorted Shore dives x 3 with full equipment hire.
Join us to see some of the different shore dive sites we offer, taking in a variety of marine life with diving over 2 or 3 days. Reduced cost of £35 a dive.


Escorted Shore dive + 1 Escorted Boat dive (2 days).
For your safety and enjoyment, If you have not dived in the last 12 months or have no experience of UK diving we will ask you to complete a shore dive prior to any boat dives. This session will allow you to do a weight check + shallow shore dive to a max of 12m with a PADI PRO.
We will then arrange to escort you on a Boat dive, that will be suitable for your level of training and experience. (generally the following day).
Escorted Boat Dives:
Join us on a single escorted boat dive with full equipment hire to one of the many Wrecks / Reefs or Drifts. Approx 2 hrs. 

Escorted Boat Dives x 2:
Generally a Wreck dive followed by a Reef or Drift dive. Full equipment hire and a dive Guide. Approx 4 hrs. 
Group Charter:
Choose your dive sites with a minimum of 4 people. Various options available: email with your requirements

Adventure Dives (dive 1 of Speciality Courses, Shore Based)
Aware Fish ID, Digital Underwater photography, Dive Propulsion vehicle, Drysuit, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Navigation, Night dive, Search and Recovery, Underwater Videography.
Includes Equipment Hire
Adventure Dives (Boat Based with equipment)
Boat, Deep, Drift, Wreck
Adventures in diving manual.


Other dive packs are available on request, please email with your requirements.