Hydrostatic cylinder test £40
 Visual cylinder test £30
 O2 cylinder service with above tests £20
 O2 cylinder service alone £25
 Cylinder shot blast £20
Standard Computer battery change and pressure test£30 
Suunto stinger / D9 Battery and pressure test£40
Full Regulator service£69 
1st stage only (kit extra)£27 
2nd stage only (Kit extra) £11 
BCD Service (additional parts may be chargeable)£25 
Drysuit neck seal£40 
Wrist seal£20 
Heavy duty neck or wrist add £5 
Drysuit zip £140 
Heavy duty zip £160
Boot replacement£100 

Please note, all servicing will be charged in advance. Equipment not collected within 2 weeks will be charged at £2 a day. Equipment not collected within 2 months will be disposed of to cover storage costs.